Transcript of interview with a specialist ProGlobal finance Consultant and a 'soon to be' qualified ACA, currently at a 'Big 4' UK firm.

When should I apply and how long will it take to secure a new role?

There is a lot to consider when planning an international career move, so the sooner you get the ball rolling the better!  Companies and firms will make offers to Accountants before a training contract expires, so you don’t need to wait until you are fully qualified.  Likewise, our clients will start to recruit for a role up to 9-10 months in advance of an anticipated start date.  ProGlobal can help in your overall planning and advise you more specifically on timeframes. Do be aware – international roles and secondments will be limited per firm, so don’t miss out!!

What is a typical interview process?
The selection process can be surprisingly straightforward and ProGlobal will guide and support you from the outset and onward throughout the process.  Generally speaking, on receipt of your CV, a firm will request a telephone interview to start the process. This initial conversation will typically last no more than an hour and will cover your experience, aspirations, motivations and specific interest in both that location and firm/company.  Sometimes a decision is reached after this conversation; more typically though, a second phone interview will take place (or perhaps even a video conference call).  Some clients will include a case study or an online test. This generally depends on the firm’s selection processes and on the level of the position.

I’m working within an Accounting Practice, what overseas opportunities exist outside of the Profession?
While a variety of related roles exist outside of Public Practice, particulary for newly/recently qualified Accountants, this is quite dependent both on your preferred location and your experience to date. As you would imagine, there is a higher demand within Practice firms simply because these firms will recruit more Accountants than a company will – so it can be quite competitive in terms of securing a role within Industry or Financial Services.  To give an example, ProGlobal is currently recruiting into Investment Banks in various offshore locations and well known banks within Australia. In addition ProGlobal responds to approaches from clients within the Commerce and Industry domain, both within the UK and internationally.

What type of salary can I expect?
The cost of living varies greatly from country to country and salaries are generally related to the local financial circumstances; you should, therefore, expect a fair salary which allows you to lead a comfortable lifestyle.  Many locations will offer attractive tax incentives and may include generous allowances including accommodation.   ProGlobal will provide specific tailored advice on the financial landscape before commencing the process.

Will I receive relocation assistance?
Yes, the vast majority of our clients will offer a comprehensive relocation package that includes flights, transfers, shipping and hotel accommodation for an initial period.   A rental car may also be included and most firms will also offer a settling in allowance.

Who will organise my visa?
Your new employer will manage most of the visa process, though you will be required to fill in various forms and organise relevant documentation.  ProGlobal can offer more specific advice depending on your country of choice.  For non-UK citizens, it is advisable to “flag-up” your nationality to ProGlobal in order that we can address your VISA requirements for your preferred destinations.

Which locations offer best financial savings?
Some locations offer tax free salaries, or attractive low tax rates.  However it is always important to remember that some of these locations may be more expensive to live in than others, so it is imperative to compare the salary package against the cost of living.  ProGlobal can advise on specific tax rates and can provide a good honest indication of likely living costs.
Most of the Accountants we partner in exploring international options are seeking improved lifestyles together with personal and career advancement. At the heart of this, clearly, is increased financial reward.  ProGlobal recognises this fully and will work at all times to further your best interests.

Can I bring my family/partner/spouse?
Generally speaking, yes.  You will, though you will need to consider the availability of job opportunities and work permit / visa requirements for family members. It is always advisable to get advice from ProGlobal at the start of the process.  It is also worth pointing out that your new employer will generally provide helpful advice and guidance on a local level, with regard to local opportunities, visa requirements, schooling etc 

I’m interested but haven’t got a clue where to start, what should I do?
Contact ProGlobal!  A confidential discussion at your convenience (day or night) will at least provide you with a better insight into your personal international options.  We have considerable experience in assisting candidates all over the world in making the right choices, at the right times, in the right locations.  We will work with you from the very first call, right through to securing the role (and beyond!)  Even if it is something you are considering a little further on in your career, it is never too early to have an initial informal conversation with our experienced consultants.